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What I've been up to lately...

Updated: Aug 19

"Lately I have been busy working on another nostalgic piece with two old farmers at a car show admiring a truck. I snapped the photo quickly when they were unawares. Even though I couldn't hear the conversation, I imagined them talking about trucks they had owned and what they thought of this one. I love going to car shows, because there are so many memories that people have about their favourite vehicles. I love that the past has been restored and these vehicles are looking their best. I am a fan of 50's and early 60's.

It also speaks of hours of hard work and loving attention to detail put into each restoration. Working with red is always a challenge and this has been no exception, to create the shadow and highlights. As, you can see i have moved the big tree off to the side for a better balance. I will post some more as I get closer to finishing


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