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I have been teaching art classes from my home studio since 2006. Everyone works on their own subject matter and at their own pace. The classes are kept small, so that I have a chance to work one-on-one with each individual. Experience levels range from beginners to more advanced. Some students have been coming for more than 17 years.

Classes run throughout the year.  People pay as they go, so there are opportunities to take time off, and you can join up at any time.  New students work with my brushes and paints. Canvases of all sizes are available for sale. We also have a framer on hand who does our framing for us at a discount price. Classes are 3 hours in length and cost $40 per class. We paint in oils. I also sell brushes.

At present there are three classes, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evenings and Thursday afternoons.  Afternoons are from 12:30 to 3:30, Evening is from 6:30 to 9:30

  I normally have 6 to 7 people per class.  They are very popular, so depending the time of year, we may have to put you on a waiting list.  Give me a call to find out what is available.

Call 613-623-6936

Here are some new photos of some of the students and samples of their art... 

This painting of a Kite Surfer is

by Phillip Tuba as a gift to his son Will

who loves this sport!

Murielle Egan who has been painting 

with me since 2006, recently finished 

this lovely painting of and Owl with her 

babies.  Murielle is starting to hold her own 

painting classes!

   This is my sister-in law Susan Lamendeau

who is working on a scene from her childhood, a lighthouse close to where she grew up.  Sue 

is an accomplished painter and a joy to have in the class.

Here is s photo of my Tuesday class.  Top row from left to right...Polly McLeish, Marg Lamendeau, DiAnna Greenidge, Kathryn Argue.  Bottom row  from left to right...Brenda Gibson, Marjorie Rowan, Sue Lamendeau. 

Below is the Tuesday class at work.

We have a lot of laughs and fun in our classes.  Along with the camaraderie, there is relaxing background music and refreshments!


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